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Popsicle packaging is an essential item to conserve product quality and leverage ice cream sales at any time of year. It is also a very important communication tool for companies to disclose their visual identity.

With the package of popsicles, it is possible to protect the health of the consumer so that the ice cream is delivered in conditions suitable for consumption. In addition, for the logistics of a company, it avoids any waste problem, as it speeds up the handling, transportation, and integrity of the products.

Bertollo is a company located in the city of São Paulo, Brazil that offers carefully designed and manufactured machines for any ice cream. It offers a line of packers with Flow Pack technology that has a wide variety of features.

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Popsicle Packaging: Get to Know the Flow Pack Packing Machine

Popsicle Packaging: Get to Know the Flow Pack Packing Machine

Get to Know

Are you looking for a popsicle packing machine? See how the flow pack packaging machine has become one of the most present products within ice cream factories!

The Flow Packaging Machine is a versatile and useful equipment because it carries out the packaging of the product in a flexible way involving its upper and lower ends, leaving them locked and sealed.

The Flow Packer envelops several types of products, such as: sweets, cereal bars, chocolates, cookies, popsicles, among others. It is a simple machine, and the operation can be programmed to perform the packing service automatically with varying speeds.

In the Flow Pack Packaging Machine, the products are placed at the beginning of a conveyor belt so that they are sealed to transport to the packaging part. After this process, the product is sent forwarded to another end of the machinery.

The Popsicle dispenser of the Flow Pack packaging machine can also be controlled automatically, being programmed to work synchronously with the machine.

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Access the link below and purchase a product with differentiated mechanics and electronics, easy to handle and simple operation!

Get to Know

Popsicle Packing: Get your Flow Pack Packing Machine!

Check out below a little more of the Flow Pack technology of the popsicle packaging machines offered by Bertollo:

  • The equipment is fully automated and has a programmable controller (PLC).
  • The products are taken to be sealed in a rigid ruler, built in 304 stainless steel, with cleats mechanically pulled by a 304 stainless steel chain.
  • The models available have speed and adjustable length and can be controlled by programmable logic controller.
  • All popsicle packaging machines have structure and covering built in 304 stainless steel.
  • Cylinders, guides, and stretchers are manufactured in stainless steel 304, and keep the package perfectly aligned and tensioned from the coil until being sealed.

Check out the links below for two models of packaging machines offered by Bertollo!

Packer Pack 180 CLP

Packer Pack 180 CLP

Click here and check the technical specifications of the product!

Packer Pack 120 CLP

Packer Pack 120 CLP

Click here for more information!

Bertollo Ice Cream Machine Industry works with quality products and its main purpose is to guarantee the best technology for all customers.

Popsicle Packaging: Learn more about DPB Dispenser

The PDB Electropneumatic Popsicle DPB Dispenser is an indispensable device for automated popsicle packaging processes. It is an equipment that guarantees the feeding of automatic packaging machines.

The operation speed is synchronized with the packer speed by an optical sensor. Its design allows a shape with 18,

26 or 28 popsicles to be placed in the Dispenser, and by means of a pneumatic piston each of them can be placed in the right position on the Flow Pack conveyor belt.

Want more information about DPB Popsicle Electropneumatic Spending?

PDF PPB 1000Click here and check out the product specifications! Contact Bertollo to clarify your doubts and make your quotation for popsicle packaging machine!

Pneumatic Pointer Back and forth
Click here and check out the product specifications! Contact Bertollo to clarify your doubts and make your quotation for popsicle packaging machine!
DPB Dispenser



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