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Popsicle Machine

Currently the popsicle machine has a high-performance technology and manufactures popsicles quickly and practically.

Bertollo Machinery for Ice Cream offers the Pneumatic Pointer Come and Go that represents the application of the most modern concepts of thermal efficiency.

The product design provides the optimization of the physical space it occupies, with the maximization of thermodynamic efficiency and the production process.

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Bertollo has been working for more than 30 years in the construction of ice cream machines and uses a Shell and Tube water condenser in the manufacture of its equipment. This condenser is designed and manufactured by the company.

Popsicle Machine: Buy Pneumatic Pointer Come and Go from Bertollo

Popsicle Machine: Buy Pneumatic Pointer Come and Go from Bertollo

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Need to purchase a quality popsicle machine?

The Come and Go Pneumatic Tip supplied by Bertollo has a cooling tank made of 304 stainless steel, thermally insulated with expanded polyurethane.

The used ethyl alcohol refrigerant fluid can completely fill the tank and remains in direct contact with all forms and the copper coil. In addition, thermal balance is fully guaranteed due to the action of mechanical agitators that are manufactured in 304 stainless steel with mechanical seal sealing.

Through a set of pneumatic triggers, the shapes are moved and controlled in an automated manner. After the freezing process, the forms are suspended on a ramp for the exit and recovery of the alcohol.

The Pneumatic Tip Come and Go is equipped with a shape de-former, and both the de-former and agitators, pneumatic actuators, pump, and cooling system are controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC), touch screen type with safety optical sensor.

Checkout the technical specifications of the product below:

Pneumatic Pointer Back and forthPneumatic Pointer Back and forth: Click here to learn more!

Pneumatic Pointer Back and forth
Pneumatic Pointer Back and forth: Click here to learn more!
Buy Popsiclie Machine

Popsicle Machine: Get to Know the Tipper with Pneumatic
Actuator or with Electric Conveyor

Do you need a popsicle machine with pneumatic trigger or an electric conveyor belt?

The pickup with pneumatic actuator or with electric conveyor has a base with rotating casters with brake, structure, and stainless-steel coatings. The agitators of this popsicle machine have pneumatic trigger or with electric conveyor, pump and refrigeration system and are controlled by the PLC (Programmable logic controller) with safety optical sensor.

It has a refrigeration system formed by a semi-hermetic compressor, HP-81 refrigerant gas, water condensation.

All Bertollo picks can be optionally supplied with a popsicle peeler already integrated into the machine by the factory itself. Bertollo also provides a syrup dispenser and filling dispenser with optional items.

Do you want to know more information about the pickup with pneumatic trigger?

Check out the technical specifications of the product below:

Tip with pneumatic trigger or with an electric conveyorTip with pneumatic trigger or with an electric conveyor: Click here to learn more!

Pneumatic Pointer Back and forth
Pneumatic Pointer Back and forth: Click here to learn more!

Bertollo Offers High-Quality Popsicle Machine

Bertollo Ice Cream Machines is a company that has as main brand offer different models of high-quality popsicle machines. In addition, it has highly qualified professionals to perform the service throughout the national territory.

It is necessary to pay attention before purchasing of a popsicle machine and seek a company recognized in the market that offers differentiated equipment for each type of application.

Check out some of the popsicle machine equipment provided by Bertollo:

Horizontal Mass Product

Horizontal Mass Product
(Models - PHB 80/100, PHB 100/120, PHB 180/200);

Manual Picks

Manual Picks
(Models - PPB 500, PPB 1000);

Flow Packers

Flow Packers
(Models: Pack 120 CLP, Pack 180 CLP).

Request the catalog to know other products offered at Bertollo Ice Cream Machines and talk to our service team to answer all your questions!



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